End Of Term

End Of Term


This term my highlights have been the expo presenting our wonderful projects either on the Environment or transformation. I love spending time with my friends and playing four square at lunchtimes. I have also really enjoyed doing lots of art in Mr Rennie's room with crayons and charcoal.


Some challenges this term for me have been the projects because we had to research lots of facts,write them down in our own words. We then print it out and display it on a board ready for the expo where people will admire all our hard work. Another thing that I find challenging is the box and whisker plot in maths. This is a statistics graph that I find very difficult. 


Some achievements for me this term have been my project, art work and drawing what I see. Being picked to be in group one for drama.

Looking Forward To...

I am looking forward to doing more projects,netball, tournament,art and spending time with my friends.


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